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Rank 2 is the rank following Rank 1. This rank is the second part of the tutorial. During Rank 2, the player gains access to Heroes, Population upgrades, and XP; some of the most important resources in the game. However, the hero upgrade page and the Shop are still locked. During Rank 2, players can only complete one mission at a time. It is the second rank that requires the player to complete every single mission before ranking up. Specifically, the player will need to complete all the 6 missions before being able to rank up to Rank 3.

# Name Requirement Reward
1 (Own gladiator) Own 25 Gladiators Wood
2 Level Up Heroes Promote 1 Heroes Wood
3 (Own chariot) Own 50 Chariots Wood
4 (Upgrade Bronze) Upgrade 1 Bronze Wood
5 (Own arena) Own 10 Arenas Wood
6 (Collect weapon) Collect 5 M Weapons Wood