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Heroes are one of the most important resources in the game. Ranking up does not directly increase the production of relics, so collecting and leveling up heroes is the way to progress in the game as mission requirements increase exponentially with each higher rank. Unlike the managers from AdVenture Capitalist and Researchers from AdVenture Communist, the Heroes are based off of historical people and mythological figures in history.

There are currently 99 heroes in the game, but only 97 of them can be unlocked as the last three remaining unlock at a rank higher than the current limit (140).

5 of the heroes (epic/orange) can only be earned by reaching thresholds in events.

Unlock more heroes by ranking up, which you can do by completing missions.

Types of heroes[]

There are 9 different types of heroes in terms of the bonuses they provide:

Speed, which is increased by upgrading commons.

Production, which is increased by upgrading specific rares and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Luck, which is increased by upgrading specific rares and Marylin Monroe.

Crit, which is increased by upgrading specific legendaries and Elvis Presley.

Discount, which is increased by upgrading specific legendaries and Charles Darwin.

Population, which is increased by upgrading specific rares and Abraham Lincoln.

Single-power, which is increased by upgrading specific rares.

Capsule XP, which is increased by upgrading specific legendaries.

Capsule cards, which is increased by upgrading specific legendaries.

List of heroes[]


Name Age Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Spartacus Bronze Gladiators Speed Common 1
Diocles Bronze Chariots Speed Common 1
Vespasian Bronze Arenas Speed Common 3
Helen Of Troy Bronze Roads Speed Common 5
Leonidas Bronze Spartans Speed Common 8
Constantine Bronze Legionaries Speed Common 15
Marcus Aurelius Bronze Academies Speed Common 28
Salacia Bronze Aqueducts Speed Common 42
Cicero Bronze Law Speed Common 57
Commodus Bronze Senators Speed Common 80
Augustus Bronze Empires Speed Common 103
Saint Benedict Medieval Monks Speed Common 3
Florine of Burgundy Medieval Chapels Speed Common 4
Edward the Black Prince Medieval Knights Speed Common 5
Raynald Medieval Crusaders Speed Common 7
King Louis Medieval Artifacts Speed Common 13
Geoffrey Chaucer Medieval Libraries Speed Common 23
Augustine of Hippo Medieval Bishops Speed Common 36
William the Conqueror Medieval Castles Speed Common 51
Richard the Lionhearted Medieval Kings Speed Common 68
Maurice de Sully Medieval Cathedrals Speed Common 88
Raphael Renaissance Artists Speed Common 6
Juan Latino Renaissance Galleries Speed Common 7
D'Artagnan Renaissance Musketeers Speed Common 9
Johannes Gutenberg Renaissance Gadgets Speed Common 10
Leonardo Da Vinci Renaissance Inventors Speed Common 21
Johannes Kepler Renaissance Scholars Speed Common 33
Galileo Galilei Renaissance Observatories Speed Common 48
Niccolò Machiavelli Renaissance Philosophers Speed Common 64
Michelangelo Renaissance Museums Speed Common 84
Pietro Pomponazzi Renaissance Universities Speed Common 108
Sarah Breedlove Industrial Workers Speed Common 11
Andrew Carnegie Industrial Foundries Speed Common 12
Edward Johnson Industrial Light Bulbs Speed Common 14
James Watt Industrial Engineers Speed Common 16
George Stephenson Industrial Trains Speed Common 31
Henry Ford Industrial Factories Speed Common 45
Guglielmo Marconi Industrial Radios Speed Common 60
Ferdinand von Zeppelin Industrial Airships Speed Common 76
Thomas Edison Industrial Power Plants Speed Common 98
John D. Rockefeller Industrial Entrepreneurs Speed Common 127
Marie Curie Atomic Scientists Speed Common 18
James Watson Atomic Labs Speed Common 19
Theodore H. Maiman Atomic Lasers Speed Common 20
Joseph Engelberger Atomic Robots Speed Common 25
John Von Neumann Atomic Computers Speed Common 39
Ethel Rosenberg Atomic Spies Speed Common 54
Merv Griffin Atomic Televisions Speed Common 72
Neil Armstrong Atomic Astronauts Speed Common 93
Robert H. Goddard Atomic Rockets Speed Common 120
J. Robert Oppenheimer Atomic Nukes Speed Common 150
Julius Caesar Bronze All Bronze Power Rare 3
Fluvia Bronze All Bronze Chance Rare 3
Helena Augusta Bronze All Bronze Upgrade Rare 3
King Arthur Medieval All Medieval Power Rare 3
Joan of Arc Medieval All Medieval Chance Rare 3
Eleanor of Aquitaine Medieval All Medieval Upgrade Rare 3
Nicolaus Copernicus Renaissance All Renaissance Power Rare 8
William Shakespeare Renaissance All Renaissance Chance Rare 11
Christopher Columbus Renaissance All Renaissance Upgrade Rare 10
Winston Churchill Industrial All Industrial Power Rare 12
Amelia Earhart Industrial All Industrial Chance Rare 17
Virginia Wolf Industrial All Industrial Upgrade Rare 16
Albert Einstein Atomic All Atomic Power Rare 18
Ayn Rand Atomic All Atomic Chance Rare 24
Franklin D. Roosevelt Atomic All Atomic Upgrade Rare 20
Mevia Bronze Gladiators Power Rare 34
Bernard of Clairvaux Medieval Monks Power Rare 44
Sofonisba Anguissola Renaissance Artists Power Rare 56
Rebecca Lukens Industrial Workers Power Rare 70
Lise Meitner Atomic Scientists Power Rare 90
Trajan Bronze All Bronze Discount Legendary 3
Nero Bronze All Bronze Bonus Legendary 3
William Wallace Medieval All Medieval Discount Legendary 3
Charlemagne Medieval All Medieval Bonus Legendary 4
Lorenzo De Medici Renaissance All Renaissance Discount Legendary 9
Mary Queen of Scots Renaissance All Renaissance Bonus Legendary 14
Charles Dickens Industrial All Industrial Discount Legendary 13
Nikola Tesla Industrial All Industrial Bonus Legendary 17
Rosalind Franklin Atomic All Atomic Discount Legendary 19
Stephen Hawking Atomic All Atomic Bonus Legendary 22
Vincent Van Gogh Capsule Wood Xp Legendary 29
Dalai Lama Capsule Concrete Xp Legendary 50
Cleopatra Capsule Wood Cards Legendary 38
Mother Teresa Capsule Concrete Cards Legendary 78
Plato Capsule Wood
Weapons Epic 12
Vlad the Impaler Capsule Wood
Knowledge Epic 13
Isabella I Capsule Wood
Art Epic 16
Queen Victoria Capsule Wood
Machines Epic 25
Ronald Reagan Capsule Wood
Science Epic 43
Abraham Lincoln All All Ages Upgrade Historic 3
Napoleon Bonaparte All All Ages Power Historic 3
Marilyn Monroe All All Ages Chance Historic 6
Charles Darwin All All Ages Discount Historic 15
Elvis Presley All All Ages Bonus Historic 26