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The icon of a Concrete Capsule.

Concrete Capsules are the second most common type of capsules in the game. They are from missions and free capsules and one of the Capsules, along with the Wood Capsule and Silver Capsule, that cannot be bought. These capsules give small amounts of XP and Heroes when opened.


Concrete capsules contain more XP and Heroes than wood capsules but less than that of many rarer capsules such as Silver Capsules. The contents of wood capsules depend on the player's rank as well as the levels of the Legendary Heroes Dalai Lama (which boosts the science contained in wood capsules) and Mother Teresa (which boosts the cards contained in wood capsules). In addition, one of the five ages is selected at random and if the player has the corresponding Epic Researcher, the capsule will drop that resource based on the current production and the level of the event researcher. This does not take into account the polynomial growth over that time, unlike time warps.